My first blog post….so much pressure!

I’ve been doing mini blogs on a weight loss site for a little while now with pictures and descriptions of some of the foods I’ve been preparing.  A few of the members suggested I start a food blog, so here I am.  I like to cook simple meals with as many whole foods as possible.  I have a 3 1/2-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son who are both in their picky eater phases (awesome) and a husband who prefers pizza to almost anything I cook, but I’m working on him (read: nagging him to death!).   I’m an exercise junkie – a bit of a cardio whore – but I’m learning to like strength training as more muscle starts to develop. 

I get a lot of ideas from other food bloggers and I have a few favorite sites that I’ll share.  I do not have any formal education in nutrition or cooking, nor do I like to dish out advice on the subject – lest I be held accountable for ill-fitting advice!!  I will show you what I like to eat to feel healthy and fuel my workouts.   I’ll also post what my workouts are too, mostly because it makes me proud of the hard work I’ve done.

So this is my first post and I’m gonna keep it short.  I’ll be back with more later, hope you like the page and thanks for visiting!


3 thoughts on “My first blog post….so much pressure!

  1. Welcome to the food blogging world 🙂 I bumped into your blog today and you have some really great recipes here. Keep up the good work!

    A great site for newbies to check-out is Blogging With Amy – you’ll love this site for tutorials and tips.

    BTW your blog has the same name as another I follow 😦 Oops!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I will definately check out Blogging with Amy. I also ran across the other Mommy Cooks page two days ago actually! I’ve been debating changing the name of mine…

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