Someone needs to shut off the rain!

My poor son (just for future reference, I call him Bugga-Bugga).  We have been trapped inside all weekend and all he wants to do is play on the swings.  He keeps bringing me his shoes.

Poor Kid.  Anyway, so last night’s dinner was a new recipe I tweaked from one of the websites on my blogroll – meals & moves.  Turkey Bake!  It has like ALL my favorite things in one pan.  I looked at this recipe and had one of those ‘Huh.” moments (must tilt your head to the side when you say it).  So here’s the breakdown of what I used:

1pkg Lean Ground Turkey Breast

1/2 C (heaping) Oats

1.5 C Great Northern Beans

1 Can No Sodium Added Tomatoes (with garlic & olive oil)

3 oz Chopped Fire Roasted Red Pepper (not in the pic)

2 Cloves Garlic  *if you don’t own a garlic press, I HIGHLY recommend you get one – they are AWESOME*

1 Small Onion

2 C Chopped Spinach (frozen would work too)

Salt, Italian Seasoning and Fresh Basil to taste.

Throw all of it in a bowl and get yer hands dirty!

Spread into a 9×13 pan (or similar size) that has a light coating of cooking spray and toss into a pre-heated 350* oven for 35-40 min.

Deeelish!  You can top it if you want with pasta sauce or ketchup, but I wanted it plain with a little sprinkle of reduced fat Italian Cheese Blend.  Stats for this bad boy: 

1/4 of the pan!!!  Cals: 336   Fat: 2.4g   Sodium: 289g   Carbs: 32g  Fiber: 8g  Sugar: 5g  Protein:  46g!

While I was preparing this I was starving, so I made a little snack:

Peppers and hummus on a La Tortilla Whole Wheat wrap= Cals:125, Fat: 6, Fiber: 6, Protein: 8


6 thoughts on “Someone needs to shut off the rain!

  1. just got home this morning, Monday, after a birthday night for my husband at a concert and was in a panic as what i was to make for the kiddos for tonite…and this recipe is right up my alley, and to boot, i have ALL the ingredients already!!…thanks for the inspiration!…eva

  2. ok, i assembled everything already…i just re-read your blog and it said your version was already modified, so i modified your modification!–lol…i used fresh chopped red bell pepper, because i did not have roasted–bummer, but just could not get in the car for just one ingredient…also, added whatever tomatoes i had laying around….plus threw in about 1/4 of ground flax because on top of the oatmeal….now i am waiting for the turkey to defrost..i think i will throw some cheddar cheese in it, and dump in the rest of a salsa container i have—hehehe, why not eh?…i’ll let you know how my combination turned out….

    • Oooh I had it again for lunch this afternoon and put a little bit of Sargento Low fat 4 cheese italian blend on it. Sooo good……Let me know how it turns out!

      • well, it was a success!!!…my version was so wonderful and tasty…just a quick note, i mixed in the salsa with all the other things and also threw in a cup full of cheddar cheese–and it was a hit!….the casserole puffed up so beautifully and had tons of flavor–and the kids never knew the oatmeal or the flax was in there!…thanks for the inspiration….you know what i’m having for lunch tomorrow…

      • Salsa! That’s a great idea! Next time, I’ll have to try that and maybe add some black beans and corn and some taco seasoning! Oooh Eva, I think you’re on to something!

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