Fun in the Sun

It was so nice out this afternoon!!  The kids had a ton of energy to burn, so I met my sister and my best friend and their kids at the park.  

Peyton and cousin Mason


Peyton, Mason & Reese


Reese and his BFF, Parker


The newest additions - Mia Anne & Ella Grace


After the park, we high-tailed it back home because hungry toddlers are MEAN!  I swear it was like Lord of the Flies at one point.  The kids and I had leftover Turkey Bake, very good on day 2 (with ketchup for theirs).  Bugga went down for a nap and Peyton played with Daddy for a couple hours so I could get some work done.  The afternoon snack consisted of hummus and cut peppers & celery.   


Kickboxing was insane tonite!  I think I work harder when there are people watching the class.  I was starting to feel pretty drained this afternoon too, so I’ m glad I made it through!  

Anyway, my dinner tonight is a  ‘Greek to Me’ Omelet.  Why Greek?  Cuz of the feta of course!  

4 egg whites  

2oz roasted red pepper  

big handful spinach  

100g baby bella mushrooms  

1 oz feta cheese 

 Sautee mushrooms – I don’t leave em in the pan for too long because I like them meaty…. 


Add roasted red pepper (from a jar)…… 

Set the mush and peppers aside.  Crack 4 egg whites into the pan and just before they’re done, toss on spinach to wilt… 

Plate eggs and spinach, top with mushrooms, pepper and FETA! 

Stats: 195 cals  /  5 fat  /  14 carb / 31 pro 

And don’t forget a snack before bed!  


 Greek yogurt ‘pudding’!  Basically just 6oz greek yogurt with a small scoop of my chocolate protein power (Hershey’s dark unsweetened cocoa and Splenda work equally as well).   My sous chef did a great job stirring! 

Stats 125 cals / 1 fat / 11 carb / 20 pro 

Good nite!


2 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. so funny how similar we are!….my favorite snack is greek plain non-fat yogurt with chocolate protein powder!…still deciding what we’ll be making for dinner…i’ll let you know!

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