Keepin it short.

Got the garden weeded.  I can’t wait for some home grown zucchini.  It’s funny because I had soooo much of it last year and I literally could not give it away, but now I miss it!

After that I decided that it was too nice out to sit inside.  I packed up the kids, the dog and the double stroller and headed to the center of town.  We have 3 main streets in town that connect to form what the local police call ‘the triangle’.  It’s a 4 mile loop.  I can usually bust that out with my BFF in under an hour.  Today, however, I went alone and my pace was a bit slower.  It took me an 1:05.  Oh well.  We got home later that our normal dinner time, so Pita Pizzas sounded great!  I was going to post a recipe, but really, we all know how to do it!  The kids had theirs with green beans on the side while I chompped on Garlic Roasted Cauliflower (mmm…garlic).  I’ll probably have an omelet when I get hungry later. 



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