Creepy Basements Make My Day Interesting. Oh and Binner.

I have a client in town from CA for a couple of days so this morning we went out for a blitz of showings.  Because we started early, I didn’t workout.  I did however make the Best.Breakfast.Ever.

My client follows a vegan/raw food diet, so I knew we wouldn’t be stopping for lunch.  This is very much fine by me!  I packed the ultimate portable lunch:

3oz chicken, 3tbsp Cedar’s Chickpea Salad, arugala and a Flat Out Light Italian wrap.

Cals: 250  /  Fat: 2  /  Carbs: 25   /  Pro: 32 

Oh and a snack…

1/4 c Dry roasted edemame.  Like peanuts.  But not.

Can I just say how much I love my job sometimes?

Here are two pictures from one of the houses we saw today (please excuse the crappy picture, for some reason I couldn’t get it to download from my cell).  Now, thank goodness my client has a sense of humor:






Is this a viewing window?!?!  Seriously, we were in hysterics!!  “It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again!”  The funniest part is that the place was owned by a little old lady!  Needless to say, my buyer passed on this gem!

Dinner time rolled around way to fast and as I was scouring the kitchen for something to make the kids, I stumbled on these in the freezer:

Breakfast for dinner?  Hell yeah! 

Cheesey Egg and Sausage Bake

1 potato, shredded

1tsp olive oil

2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites

2 tbsp milk

1/3c cottage cheese

3 sausage patties

chopped spinach

1/3 c Shredded Cheddar ( I used Sargento Reduced Fat 4 Cheese Mexican Blend)

Onion powder, garlic powder, dried seasonings of your choice

Shed the potato and pat dry.  Add oil to a hot skillet and cook the potatoes until brown adding salt & pepper.  Toss them into an 8×8 pan (coated with cooking spray).  Crumble the (thawed) patties on top.  In a bowl, whisk together eggs, cottage cheese, spices and milk.  Stir in the spinach and cheddar.  Pour mix into the pan  Bake at 325 for 20-25 minutes and then broil another 5 till brown and bubbly.


Now, I usually eat MUCH later than the kids and I had a bunch of leftover chicken to get through soooo…

Shirataki and Chicken Scampi

Serves 1

Shiritaki Noodles, 8 oz
Chicken Breast, no skin, 3 ounces Cooked
Smart Balance, Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread, 1/2 Tbsp
Parmesan Cheese, grated, 1 tsp
Broccoli, frozen, .25 package (10 oz)
Red Pepper Flakes

Rinse Shiritaki Noodles well. Microwave broccoli. In a pan melt butter with fresh garlic. Toss in chicken, noodles and broccoli. Top with parmesan and pepper flakes.
(I was out of broccoli but I have a bunch of sugar snap peas and they made a great substitution!)

Stats (w/broccoli)

Cals:  199  /  Fat: 6  /  Carb: 10  /  Protien:  24

It’s been a long day and my little Peyton Pie is sick, so I’m off to read bedtime stories and then enjoy some mind-numbing TV!  Nite!


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