Saturday = Ballerinas and Brides

Good Morning!  It a gray and gloomy day.  Again.  I’m waiting for Peyton to wake up to see if she’s feeling any better because it is her recital weekend for Ballerina Class.  Today is the rehearsal and I’ve been back and forth on whether to go.  I don’t want her to get anyone else sick.  The fact that we spent over $100 on her costumes and tickets makes ME a little sick.  Telling her she can’t dance on the big stage would be heartbreaking (she’s been talking about it all week).  Ahhh we shall see I guess.  Here’s a couple from picture day:

(on the right in pic1 and in the middle in pic2)

I have to do a nice long run this morning, 5k on the treadmill.  I didn’t work out yesterday and I feel anxious about that.  Also, we have a wedding to attend tonite and no matter what you tell the server you still end up with cream sauce and butter on your plate!  I’m going to make more of the Best.Breakfast.Ever. because once I open that pumpkin I have to keep going till it’s gone!

UPDATE:  Peyotn woke up with no fever and acting more like herself!  We made it to rehersals and now I’m off to get ready for the wedding.


2 thoughts on “Saturday = Ballerinas and Brides

  1. oh, i am so there with you momma!…i have 2 girls in recital this year–multiply the fees by 2 and both are telling me that they just want a break!!…i’m like ‘oh no, what happened between when first starting and getting excited to now losing steam when the recital is 2 weeks away!!”…..good luck to your darling girl…and i know what you mean about feeling anxious about having not done an exercise…..i feel that way about my ST–it’s been over a week for me..i’ve been doing everything else, but no ST

  2. Thanks Eva! Yeah, I have to re-set myself too. I’ve been doing my workouts, but as a recovering cardio whore I find myself slacking more and more on the ST. Good luck with the girls’ recital!

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