Sun and Tears.

Good Morning!  It’s sunny and beautiful outside and my kids are miserable this morning.  Reese’s fever broke but he didn’t sleep well and he cries at the drop of a Cheerio.  This, of course, sets Peyton off.  Fun times, fun times.  

After I got some food in them, they calmed down…

I decided against the Best.Breakfast.Ever this morning because dinner is going to be pretty carb heavy, so I made an omelet with cheese and turkey and some berries on the side…

mmmmmm berrrrriiiieeeeesssss……

The plan this morning – if Bugga lets me – is a 2 mile run followed by biceps and back.  

Today’s menu is either a Lasagna Skillet or Pizza Mac (depending on the hubby) and a Mexichicken with Sweet Potato Corn Cakes.  I’ll post those recipes tonite. 

Make it a great day! 🙂


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