Today was a play day! Say that 3 times fast! Nevermind, it’s pretty easy….

Another morning where 5 am laughs at me from the alarm clock.  What the heck is going on!  Oh well, I figured I could get my workout done early again.  Had a mini breakfast of coffee, berries and cottage cheese and jumped on the treadmill for some interval running.  NOPE!  Halfway through I was feeling shaky and off-center.  Not a good feeling.  I think I may have overdone it at kickboxing last night and add to that the lack of sleep…..

**Sorry for the lack of photos today – left my camera at a friend’s house!**

Breakfast was a large order of Eggs N’ Oats (finished the pumpkin yesterday 😦 ).  After a quick shower, I packed the kiddies some lunch and some of our homemade Granola and headed off to playdate #1. 

We met up with a mother and her daughter from Peyton’s ballet class at a new park I didn’t even know existed and it was awesome!   Clean, with perfect toddler-friendly play area.  All the kids there were under the age of 6 so I didn’t have to worry about Reese getting plowed over, and the parents knew each other and immediately introduced themselves to me.  I got to chit chat and didn’t panic if either of my kids were out of my line of vision because everyone was looking out for each other’s children!  This is our new official Thursday morning hangout!

The granola bars were a hit with the parents, not so much with the kids though.  The next time we make them I think I’ll add more peanut butter, skip the soy energy mix and do peanuts, raisins and chocolate chips instead.  More kid-friendly.

The kids ate peanut butter and apple sandwiches at the park for lunch because we had to go to an appointment this afternoon.  I had a late lunch (around 2) of grilled salmon and veggies on a bed of romaine with balsamic vinegar.

Our second playdate this afternoon was with my BFF and some other friends at her mother’s daycare.  I didn’t bring the granola because I was told there would already be a bunch of stuff including cupcakes!  And really, granola or cupcakes?   Granola will get it’s a$$ kicked!

Dinner tonite will be leftovers from the last couple of days.  I’ve been picking at stuff all day, not bad stuff by any stretch – some fruit salad, whole grain chips, 2 small pieces of biscotti, tzatziki dip, granola! – but it makes me feel full and blah. 

Tomorrow: 5k on the treadmill


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