Father’s Day Part 1

Up at 5am again!  Peyton woke me this time.  Something about a blanket….I don’t know.  I was planning on an early morning anyway.  The BFF and I wanted to get an early morning power walk out of the way before the heat set in.  Not too bad – 4 miles with dogs and double strollers in just under an hour.  I think we could’ve done it faster if half of the sidewalks in town weren’t in the process of being re-done!

This weekend is all about father’s day.  Today we went to lunch with my dad at a local Portugese restaurant.  My dad wanted a Bifana (a pork loin marinated in garlic, wine, paprika and a bunch of other stuff on a portugese roll).

 Chourica to start:

The kids weren’t too sure what to think:

Reese actually liked it a lot (it’s basically a heavily seasoned sausage..)

Mike got Febras for lunch (think Bifana minus the bread), the kids had chicken fingers and mixed veggies (they didn’t touch the fries which amazes me) and I had a really yummy salmon salad:

We noticed a new ice cream stand next door to the restaurant and decided the kids deserved a treat:

Next door to the restaurant is my favorite local coffee shop.  It kinda reminds me of Central Perk from Friends.  Had to run in for their Chocolate Almond Ice Coffee.  MMMMmmmmm……  And some quick pics

Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon with my In-laws.

I’m making a new recipe (Sweet Potato Falafels) and an old recipe tonight (Chicken with a Sundried Tomato Pesto and feta).  I’ll post both later this evening….. 😛


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