Highway to the danger zone! And Beer.

So I met my new clients and they’re great, no oddness so far!  I’ve only spoken with the wife over the phone and I met the husband today – he’s an F15 Fighter Pilot, how cool is that!  The whole time in our meeting “Top Gun” was running in my head!  Anywho, they really know what they’re looking for so the next few days should go swiftly and painlessly. 

I made it home tonite in time to make a nice dinner.   I altered my Wheatberry and Asparagus side dish a bit and used cauliflower and eggplant because that’s what I had.  I just roasted the veggies in the oven this time. 

And salmon to go with it of course!  My sister Jen is probably laughing at me because that’s all I eat!

And because it’s Tuesday – the most useless day of the week – BEER! 

Blue Moon is fabulous!  I also love the Honeymoon Ale and Shocktop is a current fav right now also.

Hoping to get the little monsters to bed early so we can watch Alice in Wonderland (seeing as I didn’t make it through the whole thing the last time). 

See ya on the flipside!


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