Tuesdays are useless days. Maybe we can boycott?

What I mean is:  Monday is the start of the work week, catch up with co-workers and talk about your weekend, Wednesday is HUMP DAY, Thursday is (around here) Thirsty Thursday and one day away from Friday, Friday is something to look forward to all week and then you have the weekend.  What good is Tuesday?  NONE I TELL YOU!

OK enough of my rant!  I did have one of those awesome egg and hummus wraps for dinner last night.  I felt I needed to take one for the team so you could have pictures.  I know, I’m a trooper…..  😉

Sorry for the crappy pics, I was a bit impatient!  Look at the size of this behemoth!   You could totally add spinach and peppers to this and it would be awesome!  Such simple things make me so happy…..

Stats  –  Cals: 185  /  Fat: 4g  /  Carbs:  20  /  Prot:  30


OK, Moving on!

I have clients coming in from LA this week (Louisiana, not Los Angeles) and they want to see somewhere in the vicinity of 30 houses!  Gonna try to narrow that down a bit today….So I probably won’t be doing too much cooking, but you may see a lot of portable lunches!

I’m going to go get my workout done early this morning **20 min warmup on the treadmill followed by Shoulders and Arms** and then have some of the Best.Breakfast.Ever.  (I bought a can of pumpkin yesterday)! 

Make it a great Tuesday! 🙂


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