Another Long, Hot, Busy Weekend!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days.  We’ve had a lot of playdates and birthday parties and just stuff in general going on.  Also, it’s been waaaaaay to hot to cook so we’ve been making do with cold salads and sandwiches.  I did, however, grill up some grub this afternoon:

Pork loin cut into strips w/taco seasoning, asparagus and a cod filet.   Totally random, I know.

Actually, the pork is for soft tacos for Officer M’s dinner.  The cod and asparagus made its way onto my plate for lunch along with some of Giada’s Corn and Black Bean Salad w/ Basil-Lime vinaigrette.  Tossed in some edemame this time, props to the BFF for that one.

I did a quick 3 miles on the treadmill this morning and a sweaty session of kickboxing this evening so I’m officially spent tonight.   I’m going to make some Yogurt ‘Pudding’ and watch some mind-numbing TV.

Yogurt Pudding (I’m sure I’ve posted this before…)

6 oz Greek Yogurt (FF)

.5 tbsp FF/SF Jello Pudding (I’m partial to the cheesecake flavor)

2 tsp FF Whipped Topping

Stir well.  It should come out super thick, kinda like cheesecake. MMMmmmmm.  If I had strawberries my night would be complete!  Oh well, next time. 

Nite All!


2 thoughts on “Another Long, Hot, Busy Weekend!

  1. so love kickboxing! i am away from home and i left all my dvds at home…just having to rely on running and yoga right now, but nothing feels as good as getting in a good kickbox session in!

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