TGIF!, but I got my butt whooped!

Lets backtrack for a moment shall we?  Yesterday was a super fun day!  I make it a point not to work on Thursdays.  This goes back to when Peyton started ballet class.  I decided Thursday would be our Saturday.  Anywho, so yesterday I woke up nice and early, downed a couple mugs O’Joe and met the BFF for an 8am power walk:

Here’s the BFF – Jessica.  TaDa!

And me…

We really do look like a parade with our strollers and dogs (my pup stayed home this time).  So we busted out just over 4 miles in under an hour (jogging part of the way).  Felt really good. 

Made a quick pit stop at home to shower and pack snacks then off to the park for out standing Thursday morning palydate.  Peyton is Miss Popularity I tell ya:

Reese found some boys (and their bikes) to play with:

We left at noon cause it was H O T! and Reese was getting kinda pink in the face and neck.  Grabbed a pizza for Officer M and the babes on the way home.  While they ate lunch I ran out to pick up contracts for a client (my one work thing for the day) and stopped at our local Farm/Greenhouse for veggies.  Got home, made a huge salad and checked emails while Bugga napped. 

 Later we went swimming with the BFF at her MIL’s. 

My Mom came over for dinner last night so, after we were sufficiently water logged, we headed home so I could whip up dinner:

Chicken Italiano, Pasta and Green Beans:  

The chicken was seasoned with garlic and onion powder and some dried italian herbs then grilled.  Just before it was finished I topped each piece with a tbsp of jarred artichoke and tomato antipasto and low-fat italian cheese.   We were very sad when it was gone….


(Showed her the blog last night – she likes it and will be showing the gals at her work so, Holla to the ladies at Ford and Toyota  of G****d!)

It was a long day, so after Mom left, the babes went to bed and Officer M and I crashed…….

Now on to Today!

Got up at 7 (slept in a bit) and made a couple cups O’Joe and an egg (white) wrap with some deli turkey and blueberries on the side.  I wanted to be sufficiently fueled up for Strength and Conditioning class this morning!

 Let me just say.  If you were to drive by this class, I swear we look like a prison yard!

Anyway – partners in the torture today are:

BFF Jessica and (Officer M’s cousin) my friend Renee!

This is BFF’s husband and owner (and the twins at the bottom right napping):

 Scotty.  Our resident smart ass.

I think the train adds to the prison yard feel somehow….

Bench presses:

Remember I told you about the tire?  Well after it kicked our asses last week we ganged up on it!


These just sucked. (Did I mention she just had twins!) 

But the cherry on this workout…. The Sled.

We had to push this down a hill, then back up (with us on it).  When we got back to the top we sprinted back down and back up.  Ouch.


A nice long cold shower was very much in order after that! 

Recovery fuel:


Protein Ice Cream.  So. Freakin. Good.

Lunch was super easy – Cod with some of that phenomenal antipasto and edamame:

 This afternoon will be nonstop (1 showing, signing contracts with a client and 2 new listings) so dinner will be very late and probably involve salad of some sort…. 

Later gaters! 🙂



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