Well, I had good intentions…

I did not cook everything on the list today.  Actually, all I managed to whip up was the pancakes:

A mix of chocolate/pb chip and raisin/walnut….One plate for our house, one for the BFF’s

Have I told you that my 3 1/2 year old is a genius?  Yeah, she can assemble a 63 piece puzzle in like, 20 minutes!

Anyway, so after breakfast I dropped off  Jess’s pancakes (with the kiddies in tow) and ran a few errands.  Around 11,  Jess called and asked if I could help her clean the new house – the builder left a mess, longer story than I’m ready to get into.  Officer M was up when we got home so he grabbed the kids so I could jet over and help the BFF.  I got home about 3 hours later, dirty and tired.   But on the bright side, I got to use her sisters super cool bendy vacuume attachment! 

(I know this sounds weird, but if you read the ‘About’ page on this site you’d know I ❤ to vacuume! :)) 

When Reese got up from his nap we headed to Mom’s.  The kids proceeded to get totally filthy playing with Pop and his  fishing boat.  By the time we got home and cleaned up, Easy was what’s for dinner.  Scrambled eggs with cheese and broccoli and a slice of toast for them and 3 egg whites with the last of the anitpasto on a Flat Out for me. 

Maybe I’ll cook tomorrow.  For now, I’m gonna catch up on some Dora with the little people who live in my house!  Nite! 😛


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