It’s raining it’ pouring, my little Bugga’s snoring…

Yup.  He snores.

Some days I love the rain…

Today is not one of those days.  I have to go attach sign riders and brochure boxes to my new listings and it always seems to be raining when I do!  Plus, I had an appointment at 1 that turned out to be the BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME EVER!  I’m a bit miffed… 😡

Anyway, my plan this morning was to do a 5K on the treadmill – seeing as I couldn’t go to S&C at the school today.  I punked out!  I did 1/2 mile warmup at a 15m/m and 5% incline followed by 2.5 miles at 9:30 m/m and ended with another 1/2 (15m/m 5%).  It took all my willpower to at least hit 2.5! 

In my defense though, kickboxing on Wednesday night was nothing short of torture.  I can’t even imagine how many thai kicks were involved (the last 15 minutes of class was continuous kicking on the heavy bags).  Follow that with Thursday morning’s power walk/jog with Ivy and my legs are like rubber!

Ivy is another friend of mine whom I’ll introduce soon – I forgot the camera yesterday!  She’s actually the BFF’s husband’s, cousin’s wifey.  Got all that? 

Anywho, Ivy will be working out with me on Thursday mornings now 🙂 but not Jess, she will be going back to work soon 😦

Meals today have been easy with minimal cooking involved – Eggs N’ Oats, tilapia I pan seared with the last of the leftover eggplant and bruschetta, and dinner will be a chicken on a spinach salad.  I was invited to a friend’s house for a get together, but lack of babysitters on Friday evenings (especially with short notice) kills that plan.  Oh well.

I’m off to go do some work-related junk and stuff and hopefully a little yoga later…

Toodles. 😉


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