Random Ramblings.

Hey Peeps!  Whas shakin’?

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days, it’s been waaaayyy to nice to be inside!  I met Ivy on Monday at the splash pad park so the kiddies could have a playdate. There’s Ivy’s oldest, Giada, and Peyton sitting on a turtle who is apparently blowing a snot rocket!

Ivy refused to have her picture taken, but I’ll get her soon!

Yesterday was a terrible Real Estate day.  I got 2 phone calls first thing in the a.m. that ate at me all day!  The biggest issue was that the BFF’s new tenant, who was set to move in on Sunday, backed out!  Now I have to find her a tenant ASAP!  I felt like a kid who did something bad and was waiting for Dad to come home to tell him.  If you’ve read any previous posts, Jess and her hubby just had twin girls, purchased a new home (that did not go smoothly at all!), had to get tenants for both sides of their duplex and Jess went back to work yesterday.  I did not want to call her with bad news!   They are literally the couple that ‘worst case scenario’ applies to on a regular basis!

Moving on.

Dinner last night…..I had some whole wheat pizza dough from TJ’s, so I was thinking FOCACCIA!  Never made it, sounded easy enough:

Looks pretty.  EPIC FAIL!

The dough didn’t cook evenly (even on a pizza stone!) and the onions and sun-dried tomatoes were dry and a tiny bit burned……

I ended up making some Warm Bruschetta (with artichokes added this time) over grilled chicken and asparagus.  Always a good standby.

I’ll be tackling some monster zucchini this afternoon so I should have a yummy post for you later.  Have a happy hump day!  🙂


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