Tony Horton ain’t got nuthin on me!

Hi All!

Gotta tell ya, I LOVE having a workout buddy for Thursday morning!  It’s so much better when you have someone to share the torture fun with!

Ivy came over this morning and we did a modified P90X workout that kicked our A$$e$!  We did the Legs and Back workout, but added 1 minute incline sprints after every 3 sets.  OMG!  In the words of someone famous “Pain is fear leaving the body”.  GRRRRRRR-Yeah!  Big shout out to Ivy – she did awesome!! 🙂

We had to skip our normal park playdate because it is disgusting outside.  Officer M described it best – 

 “It’s like being inside someone’s mouth!”

In the afternoon, Ivy and I met up at Old Navy to kill some time before heading over to this new Craft Mall that was opening.  We got some cute stuff for the kids including…

Matching Hats!

Almost had Ivy talked into this one….

This little pixie was made for hats.  Tell me she doesn’t melt your heart!

And of course we stopped to play on the rides!

Kinda looks like his birthday cake….

They’re on a virtual coaster…

After that fun we headed over to the new Craft Mall that opened up near kickboxing.   Yeah, no.  It wasn’t ready for the public I guess.  They thought we were there to rent space to sell crafts.  I’m really bummed because I was hoping to find some cool jars to store my grains in.  I have all these opened bags of oat bran, wheat bran, flour, sugar, quinoa etc, etc, etc.  I can’t stand clutter!!

Oh well. 😦

Dinner was Turkey Bake (made with ground chicken this time around).  I also put in some of the Bob’s Red Mill TVP and added mushrooms.  Stats are very close:  

Serves 4, per serving: 

317 Cals 34 carbs 3 fat 40 protie

Ok, I’m off to look at recipes!  The BFF is having a small get together at the new house on Saturday and I gotta bring something awesome.  I won’t settle for less.

Nite 🙂


One thought on “Tony Horton ain’t got nuthin on me!

  1. The pics are positively adorable. ❤ the wonder twin hats. Can I just tell you how sore I am already? I felt all geriatric cleaning up the toys tonight. GREAT @$$-kicking!
    Your turkey bake looks delish. My jerk thighs and bean salad were sooo tasty and it was all I could do not to have seconds!

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