Have you ever had an idea pop into your head that was so obviously simple it kinda surprised you

I had one of those today ( no need to snicker….)

It started with the cleaning out and organizing of my cabinets.  I have WAAAAAY to many spices and open bags of….. everything!  I wanted to get cool jars to put stuff in, but I’m impatient and cheap cost concious, so I bought a dozen canning jars for $8 and got to work! 

**Everything just seems right in the world when your cupboards are clean, wouldn’t you agree 🙂

Here is where the “Huh…” moment comes in (BTW you have to tilt your head to one side when you say it)

I like the Ken’s Light Accents salad spritzer in balsamic vinaigrette.

I have Balsamic Vinegar. 

I have oil.

I have seasoning.

I have a Misto.

Cue head tilt…..

Worked like a charm AND I can control the ingredients!  The last time I had one of these moments was a few months ago and it was with popcorn.  You can pop the kernels in a brown paper lunchbag in your microwave.  No oil or butter necessary if you don’t want it.  Best part – it’s like 1/16 the cost of a box of Pop Secret and you know whats in it!

 I’m not sure why I felt this was blog-worthy.  Maybe because I’m really tired.  Peyton got up at 4 for a sip of water, climbed into bed with me and then kicked me for 2 hours.  On the bright side – I’m in pain from yesterday’s butt whoopin’ with Ivy.  I love being sore, it tells me I worked hard.  This morning I managed a 2.5 mile run with a 1/2 mile warm-up/cooldown with the help of some ibuprofen.

Enough of my ramblings tonite.  Before I go though I have to show you what Peyton found on our deck today:

Seriously?!  SERIOUSLY?!?!  Its only August 6th!  We haven’t even gone on vacation yet!!! 

Ok, that’s outta my system.  Have a fabulous night!  Toodles 😉


2 thoughts on ““Huh…..”

  1. Hey girlie! Its SUGIRL06 from sparkpeople. Anyway, that is just what my pantry looks like! I went even cheaper in that I stole the jars from my mom’s basement. Haha! They do look oh so cute and are totally functional for all that stuff that comes in bags! And thanks for the link to your blog. I love it!

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