Ultimate Fighting and Toddlers – Better than pole dancing!

If you haven’t heard about the pole dancing classes for toddlers, I encourage you to google it and get really pissed off!

I had an awesome run this morning!

You can’t really tell in this picture, but I’m sweating my ass off here!  I did a 5k on the treadmill followed by a scaled down version of P90X chest and back for good measure.

I needed to get a good workout this morning because of this:

The BFF and her hubbs hosted a get together for UFC on pay-per-view (and to show off the fab new diggs).  Here was my contribution:

Zucchini Brownies

Whole Wheat Blueberry Corn Bread

There was so much food!  Ivy brought homemade hummus (DELISH) and this bean salad with a cilantro-lime dressing (YUM), someone else brought salmon to grill, there was chocolate cream pie and Jess made coffee smoothies (TO DIE FOR).  I did have a couple of glasses of wine too….. 😉  There really wasn’t anything bad there, I just grazed all night!

We had a great time and everyone brought thier kids:

Reese, Peyton & Parker

The Twins (Ella and Mia)


Fighting Arts Academy Crew

More Crew

It’s funny.  I remember a time not too long ago where these gatherings didn’t include screaming toddlers.  It was much more relaxing….. 🙂

Off to make dinner, I’m trying something new with the TVP and finishing the zucchini.  I’ll post it in the AM.

OH! – Disc 3 of Glee came yesterday so guess where my butt will be parked after the muchkins go down!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Fighting and Toddlers – Better than pole dancing!

  1. oh my! there were so many toddlers!

    and if i google pole dancing for toddlers i might scream

    all the food looked amazingly healthy

  2. The brownies and cornbread you made were so yummy! What a good variety of food. G didn’t sleep the ENTIRE TIME, and we didn’t get home until 1!
    I tried making some sort of shake concoction a little while ago with that powder you gave me. It ended up with the consistency of melted ice cream so I popped it in the freezer to see if it freezes like ice cream. I couldn’t quite get it down in liquid form… that’s what I get for winging it.

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