And now Ladies and Gents, the Grand Zucchini Finale.

Morning All~

I slept like a ROCK last night! 

It’s going to be a muggy day which really sucks because this weekend was so gorgeous.  Anyway, I wanted to post last night’s dinner before I head downstairs to Yoga it up.

I had 1/2 a leftover zucchini from Papa (it’s all gone 😦 ) and 1 small squash that miraculously survived the tube borers in my garden.  I wanted to make a lasagna, but not enough veggies for that.  My friend Amy suggested a dish that she makes at her catering job.  It’s similar to lasagna – no sauce though.  

Sliced the veg and tossed with some canola cooking spray and italian seasoning.  On to the grill they go!

While the veg cooked I started on the Quinoa/TVP dish.  I have no idea what to call this.  A falafel?  Meatless meatball?

Anyway, I had 1/2c cooked Red Quinoa in the fridge and I re-hydrated 1/2 c of TVP:

Into a bowl with spices, an egg white and parmesan cheese:

Mix well and, using an ice cream server, scoop into a muffin tin:

Bake at 350 for 20 min or so until they are crispy on top.

Did you check on your veggies yet?!?

Once they’re cooked, plop them in a baking dish and top with a mixture of 2 wedges laughing cow cheese and 4 tbsp hummus (I used roasted red pepper).  Throw that in the oven with the falafel until warm – 10 min should do it.

Voila! Dinner!

The veggies were DELISH!  The falafel were tasty but left something to be desired.  Definitely need more seasoning.  They didn’t hold together too well so next time I think I’ll add some beans and make burgers instead.  I’m open for suggestions if you have any!

Have a great day – don’t melt!


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