I’m Still Here.

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days.  It’s been totally quiet around here.  The workouts have been the same and I’ve been recycling my recipes the last few days, so I really haven’t had anything too blog-worthy. 

Today was nice though.  Got up super early this morning to meet Ivy and her girls for a power walk/jog.  We’ve been incorporating more interval running (which is soooo hard with the double strollers!) to get ready for the 5K.  After that we took the kids to the park for our standing Thursday playdate. 

 Anywho, look what I got from Papa:

MONSTER ZUCCHINI!!!  Gotta find a new recipe…..

So funny thing about the spaghetti squash – I bought it at the grocery store rather than my local greenhouse this time (I was in a hurry) and the cashier looks at it, looks at me, back at the squash and goes “what is this?”.   Ummm yeah 😉

Gonna go grab some dinner.  Promise to have something more entertaining up in the next couple of days!

Later Gaters!


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