Oh, Happy Day!

SOOO excited!  Look what we got at Lowe’s on Friday:

Can’t wait to use it!  I have some asparagus that needs to be grilled up, although I feel like that’s not really the best way to break it in….

While I was there I bought some new stone to frame the bushes in the front yard.  Officer M put it in this morning in record time:

He and Peyton are going on a Daddy/Daughter Date to the movies this afternoon (while Reese is napping) so I’m taking that opportunity to catch up on disc 4 of Glee 🙂

We’re going to the In-Law’s this evening for pizza so no cooking for me today, but that spaghetti squash whispers to me every time I walk into the kitchen….maybe tomorrow….

K, I’m jumping on the treadmill.  Did a 5K in 31:20 yesterday.  I’m gonna try to beat that today (try being the key word here!)  Have a relaxing Sunday!


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