The HRM has to be lying!

I wore my new toy to kickboxing last night and it was a decent workout (not the hardest I’ve done), and I was very excited to see what I burned:

Not gonna lie.  I’m a bit dissapointed.  It did take me 15 minutes to get really warmed up though, so maybe I need to warm up prior to class from now on…..

Anyway.  Ivy came over this morning for some torture circuit training.  We did biceps, triceps and legs with spints thrown in for good measure.  It was a good workout – but the kids weren’t being as cooperative as we would have liked so we cut it short.  Still got a good sweat though.

After that we took a trek down to Stew Leaonard’s in Newington, CT. 

About an hour drive.  I feel bad for anyone not within driving distance of Stewies (or TJ’s for that matter).  It’s an experience.  They have all these cute animitronics that sing and dance, the kids had a blast:

Little Hams.  People stopped to watch them… 🙂   Poor Reese and Elise were confined to the carts.

I got some really good shwag though!

Whole Wheat Potato Bread!  I thought it was only a myth!  Officer M LOVES potato bread but I won’t buy it, but this – this is like stiking oil!

I’m excited to try these.  They look good on paper, hope they taste good!

I also got a whole chicken – no hormones or weird stuff done to it – filet mignon, tilapia, a ton of Laughing Cow (it was on sale!) and some really great Asiago cheese.  Good trip, but expensive ($100)!

Off to make an early dinner for the kiddos and then we’re taking a walk to the local farm/greenhouse to get them come ice cream!

Have a great night! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The HRM has to be lying!

  1. The girls are so dang cute in the pics. Such a fun day yesterday! And today, actually. Didn’t get my second walk in, though 😦

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