Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?

What’s wrong with me this weekend!?  Must be tired.

First I have to tell you about dinner last night.  I needed to use up the last of the monster zucchini in my fridge.  I had a plan.  And 4 large filet mignon steaks.   I very rarely eat red meat, but my 14 year old nephew is staying with us this weekend and he and Officer M both like it. 

**That and I got them for free**

Pan seared with a tbsp grapeseed oil and seasoning salt. 

Now the zucchini.  I scooped out the flesh with my melon baller so that it would look cute with the cherry tomatoes and baby bellas.  So everything was sautéed together with onion, garlic, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and oregano.  Smelled AWESOME!  The zucchini, however, refused to cook.  It was still hard after 20 minutes in the pan!  Gah!   By then the tomatoes were mush.  Only the mushrooms were decent and that’s because I put them in late.   😦

And as it turns out, I don’t really like filet mignon….

Dinner Fail.


So on to today:

I did not set the alarm.  I had every intention of sleeping in.  My 4 year old had her own intentions – at 5 am!  What d’ya do when your little ones come into your room declaring they are STAHVING!

So I got up.  

Last night I made a special trip to the grocery store for my coffee –which they were out of! (WHAT!?)  So i was forced to drink sludge this am 😦

3 miles on the treadmill, because I had the time, followed by kickboxing. 

No partner, perfect. 

Luckily Ivy’s hubby stepped up and held pads for me (Thanks Brian!).

Half way through I realize I did not start my HRM.  Okay WTF! Grrrr….

I’m crabby and Officer M is scared~

The bright spot of my day though was a visit to the BFF’s for coffee (good coffee!) and Officer M and I are going to dinner tonite – I’m thinking sushi

Hope you are having a better weekend than me!


3 thoughts on “Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?

  1. hehehe….great blog!

    i love how you are not afraid to experiment with food….i made a Tosca dish with organic sweet potatoes last week, and one was really marbelized with skin on the inside and i thought, heck–it’s organic, no problem…i had no idea the whole potatoe was bad and then trying to fish out the bad ones after the dish was made was so unpleasant that i ending up just tossing it…—it happens!

  2. LOVE Officer M ducking lol
    Those slabs of beef look mighty good to me. What was up with that zucchini not cooking? Bizarre. I hate when something like that happens, but at least the mushrooms were salvageable! I bet they were really tasty 🙂

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