Sunday, rainy Sunday.

I had a MUCH better day today – thanks for asking!

Today’s weather made me excited for fall.  Minus the pouring rain.  It was about 68* today and I was actually chilly!

No alarm again this morning, but this time I got to sleep till 7!  Yay 🙂 !  Took my time with my coffee while I played on and had my Protein Packed Oat Bran around 8:30. 

I planned on a nice long workout and that’s what I got!  5K on the treadmill (under 30 minutes – FINALLY) with a 1 mile warmup and 3/4 mile cooldown.  Total Mileage = 5

Follow that up with 10 alternating sets of push ups and pull ups. 

Every other set of push ups were military style.  Every other set of pull ups were wide-set. 

*** Total push ups=100, Total pull ups = 61, Total calories burned = 510 (according to HRM)***

My Daddy called to let me know he would be stopping by with fresh caught cod-fish and haddock.  He was in NH yesterday on a chartered boat and he had a really good catch.  Funny though, he doesn’t eat fish!  WELL WE DO!  Daddy likes to provide….(We actually still have a couple of packages on venison in our freezer from him too!)

I baked the fish in tin foil packets with some Old Bay, peppers, onion and white wine (butter for Officer M, canola cooking spray for me):

Pretty good.  Needed something.  Garlic maybe.  I still have about 4 pounds in the freezer.  I’m thinking Cajun style! 

Well, I’m off to bed.  Gotta get up super-duper early to get my mileage in before heading to the BFF’s for 7am.  I’m watching her brood for a couple of days because her daycare lady (aka: her MOM) is away. 

Soo excited!  5 little ones under the age of 4?  BRING IT ON! 

Nite 🙂


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