My Mom is gonna be so proud!

First off, I got to sleep much later last night than I had wanted so I did not get up and clock some mileage this morning.  I’m gonna have to jump on the treadmill right before I leave for kickboxing – but that should be a nice warmup!

Babysitting for the BFF’s brood and my two nutzo kiddies went very well.  We got there at 7 and the BFF was ready to sprint out the door.  After she left, I fed the munchkins:

We played hide and seek, watched some cartoons and kicked things! 

Miss Ella Grace and Miss Mia Ann were on their best behavior:

Don’t ya just want to gnaw on their chubby little cheeks!?

Jess came back at 12 for lunch and we headed home (Reese was a tired monkey and kept saying “go home, mommy, go home..” )

As I was checking emails at home, I looked over at the vegetable bowl and realized I needed to do something with all these tomatoes from Papa’s garden.  Obvious solution – tomato sauce. 

I’ve never made it from scratch before.  This one’s for you Mom!

I don’t have an actual recipe, I was just kinda winging it, please bear with me….  🙂

Started by dropping the tomatoes in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes:

Then into an ice bath:

Browned up some 90% lean ground beef:

While the tomatoes cooled I sauteed onion, garlic, grapeseed oil, shredded carrott and canellini beans:

Let that get nice and soft while I peeled and seeded (read: massacred) the tomatoes.  Add them into the pot and puree with the immersion blender:

I also threw in some italian seasoning blend, basil, bay, another minced garlic clove, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and 2 tbsp sugar.  Once that boiled up for a couple of minutes, I backed the heat down and threw in the (drained) beef. 

I also put in an ounce of Asiago:

Into the Magic Bullet!


I did add 1 tbsp of grated Parmesan/Reggiano for some dimension too. 

I separated a batch to freeze:

Then I boiled some pasta until al dente and finished cooking it in the sauce:


I did taste it but I will not be eating any until after kickboxing (I’ll get terrible heartburn from the acid).  At least I have something to look forward to later!  😛


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