Ugh. Weekend Traffic.

I think there was an accident…..

Traffic was backed up from the post all the way to the coffee table:

I think I see the problem….

Yup.  There it is:

Looks like that little orange italian sports car tried to change lanes without a blinker.  Good thing the fire department and police are here:

Although I have to wonder why no one seems fazed by the airplane that landed on the highway:

Jeez, it took forever to get out of that!


Anyway…. So the last week I’ve been inexplicably exhausted.  Like fatigued.  I have no earthly reason to feel this way either.  I woke up feeling a bit better so I hit the treadmill fast.  Pumped out 3 miles and it felt pretty good, especially because yesterday Ivy and I did a 4 mile power walk/run(with the double strollers) and I was hurtin!  



I had an eggplant in the fridge that needed to be used so I made Lasagna Towers!  Only this time I added in some freshly grated Asiago cheese (about an ounce) to the cottage cheese mixture and I topped them with Spinach and Herb Chicken Sausage from Stewies. 

In case you are wondering, I did peel the eggplant.

YUUUMMMM…my face is sooo happy 🙂

***I’ve got a wedding tomorrow and a Christening for Miss Mia and Miss Ella (I’m her God-Mommy!) this weekend so you may not hear from me until Sunday night.  Have a fabulous weekend! 😉


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