Ahhh, good times, good times…

I forgot how much I love Yankee Candle!

Officer M had Thursday off, so we decided to have a family fun day.  We packed a lunch, tossed the toddlers in the car and headed to the Yankee Candle Flagship store.  This place is awesome! 

It’s a HUGE barn-looking building with different theme rooms (one room has a snow making machine that spits bursts of snow every 4 minutes!) and center court cafe.  You can smell the candles before you even walk through the doors.  We were there for a few hours and the kids had a blast.

Snowing in the 'forest'


Reese learned you never poke a bear in the butt.

Play time.

Rulers of OUR castle...

She truly believes with all her heart that she is a princess. ❤

Arg, I'm a Pirate! Arg!

Arg, I'm a Pirate! Arg!

Ever kiss a Giraffe?

They slobber a bit....

Time to go home...

After Yankee Candle, I went to give blood while Officer M and the kids stayed home. 

Fiasco.  All I’m gonna say here is MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.  That was an hour of my life I’ll never get back!

When I got home we took the kids over to the In-Laws and went to LongHorns for dinner.  MMMmm, their salmon and asparagus is the BOMB!  We had a nice dinner, a couple of drinks and good conversation.  After our meal we were planning to see The Expendables.

Let me just say, I love action flicks.  I am not a chick flick kinda girl (I absolutely hated the Notebook).   Officer M makes fun of me for this.  He’ll tell me I won’t like a movie because there’s “too much talky, talky – not enough explosions!”  I knew The Expendables wasn’t going to be cinematic genius by any means but I wanted to see the ensemble cast anyway.

Absolutely Terrible.  Even Jason Stratham (drool) couldn’t save this piece of crap.  Two more hours of my life down the drain.  Well, we did manage to make it a bit more fun by sneaking in some mini bottles of wine 😉 shhhh, don’t tell the cops!

——<—–@      <–flower ———————————————————————————

Friday was playdate day at the BFF’s.  Pure Chaos!

Parker, Peyton, Lucas, Giada and Reese.  Managed to make this mess is less than 60 seconds.  Lucas is our friend Amy’s son.  Say hi to Amy:


She also has a beautiful 9 month old girl, Olivia (napping with Miss Mia)

Ivy and my little Pixie Girl, Elise:

Reese was miserable – he’s not a morning person.  He gets that from Daddy:

Miss Ella in the swing (hence the blurry pic):

Jessica managed to avoid the camera somehow but you know what she looks like right?  Recycled pic:

It was soooo loud.  I don’t know how daycare providers do it! 

Anyway the rest of our day was super low key. _______/\__________\O/________________Shark!


This morning Ivy is coming over for some torture boot camp style workout.  Later we may hit the Portuguese Festival in town to do rides.  I’ve got a bunch of cooking to do also and a surprise to post later, so check back tonite!  Toodles 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ahhh, good times, good times…

  1. I always check your blog around lunchtime. I did not know you were a fan of Mr. Statham too! ;-P
    The kids look so cute in the yankee pics.
    It’s so funny, because I was wondering the same thing at the playdate, about how daycare providers do it. It spikes my BP when it gets crazy lol
    Anyway, looking forward to the festa

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