5K in T-minus 4 days

I can’t remember if I told y’all that I signed up for my first 5K…  Ivy is going to run it with me (her first also).  Anyway, it’s coming this Saturday and I’m nervous!  The BFF tells me I’ll be fine (she did one a couple of years ago on the same course), but I’m not a very good outdoor runner.  Ivy and I have decided not to focus so much on time, but just to run the whole thing.  I just keep telling myself that if I can do it on the treadmill twice a week then I can run it outside.  Fingers crossed!  Hope it’s a nice day too…☼


( . )            

C((“)(“)  bunny ♥

In other news:

Today is my MIL’s birthday so we’re having dinner here.  On the menu:

All dinners served with salad and bread 

Shrimp Crostini ~  Crusty french bread rubbed with garlic and drizzled EVOO, topped with home made Roasted Red Pepper Aioli and shrimp

Chicken Italiano ~ Grilled herbed chicken topped with a homemade tomato artichoke tepanade and melted mozzarella cheese

Angel Hair Pasta ~  Tossed with garlic sautéed in olive oil and fresh herbs

Grilled Asparagus ~ Grilled until tender crisp with a garlic pepper seasoning blend

Berry Trifle ~ Low sugar white cake layered with fat free / sugar free vanilla pudding, sugar free whip cream and fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries  (FIL is diabetic)

If I had a restaurant, what do you think I should name it?

I’ll post pics of everything later tonite.  Have a great day! ☺


2 thoughts on “5K in T-minus 4 days

  1. So exciting! From my experience from switching from treadmill to outdoors, I found it was harder on the muscles to run outside but easier on the cardio (because you naturally slow down and speed up when you need to). You will do fine! Good luck!!!

  2. Ah, I’m nervous, too. We can DOOIT!

    Enjoy your day with das inlaws and thx again for the elliptical, childwatch, and adult conversation.

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