Trying it on…

I noticed the theme I chose for my blog seems to be super popular, so I’m gonna try on some others and see what looks good.  Feedback appreciated!  I like this one, but I think it may be a bit…..small?  What do you think?


This morning Ivy and I are hitting up a bike path near the only Wholefoods/Trader Joe’s in our area so we can get in our workout and shop after!  We’re hoping to do a jog/run with the strollers.  Not too sure how well this is gonna go after last night’s workout.  We ended our 30 min bag class with 15 minutes of plyos and my legs are dog tired! 

I know, I know – SUCK IT UP!  Got it.

I’ll let you know how it went……………… :/

In other news, I got a lot of cooking to do today.  For lunch I’m making Asian Lettuce Wraps and dinner is Thanksgiving!  I’ll post it all later.  Have a great morning!!


6 thoughts on “Trying it on…

  1. I like this…it’s pretty, but it is a little small; but like I said pretty!
    Hey I just saw the infomercial this morning for Insanity, when I happened to turn the tv on. I love it! I am curious to see if it really works though. It looks like all the stuff we do at Jer’s. Let me know:)

  2. Honestly, I think it’s kinda cool… for a different blog lol
    It may be a little too monochromatic. Your blog is about mostly positive things, and this kind of reminds me of a dismal rainy day; and then there’s that unfortunate little sad face hanging by a thread at the top of the page!

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