So in an effort to tame the basil plants that are threatening to consume my house, I decided to pick a bunch of leaves and give them to people whether they want it or not.  As I started pulling I look over and notice something AMAZING:

Against all odds, this one brave zucchini fought for survival against tube boring bugs and general neglect.

After I found out about the borers, I gave up on the squash.  It’s an Autumn MIRACLE! 

That is my 20 oz water bottle next to it.  I have lots of plans for this guy!

In a sad bit of news, my omelet pan has officially met its demise. 

I guess 2-3x a day use (and overuse of cooking spray) finally did it in. 


Last night I babysat Giada and Elise so Ivy and her husband Bryan could go see the Red Sox.  Before heading there I stopped at the BFF’s for a quick cup o’Joe and some chit chat. 

Cute family pic.  Minus Parker, he and Peyton were busy arguing over some toy.  Needless to say, there wasn’t much chit-chatting to be had as we spent most of our time reffing the older kids.  Oh well.

The kids had a blast at Ivy’s. 

She set up a tent for the ‘slumber party’ and the girls spent a large portion of the evening trying to enforce the ‘No Boys Allowed’ rule.  Poor Reese.  He did manage to get in there, but it wasn’t pretty:

Nice shiner huh?

No!  I’m kidding!  He ran into the dishwasher door just as I was opening it.  He took it like a champ, but wouldn’t let me ice it. 

Alright, I’m off to do a 5k on the treadmill.  Now that I know the motor is kinda slow, I’m gonna crank up the speed a bit and see where I get after 28 minutes.  Fingers crossed!

I also have some plans for the peanut flour today.  If all goes well I’ll post it later!!  🙂


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