I haven’t been completely pumpkin deprived like so many I know, but it has been sporadic in the grocery stores.  Also, it’s damn expensive.  Supply vs. Demand = $$$$

This can has protein bars and pancakes written all over it.  No, really:

Guess what else I got?  Go ahead, guess.  Can’t?  Ok, I’ll tell you:


I’ll be taking the fit test on Sunday as I had already planned on the E and strength training today and kickboxing for timorrow.   I’ll keep you posted with my progress.  I know you’ll be holding your breath. 😉


Last night we finished up the invitations for Peyton’s birthday party (and by we I mean she helped for 10 minutes and got bored so I finished them myself).  I bought a package of multi-colored 3×5 notecards at Chez Marshal’s (love) for $4.99:

I just wrote the info on the cards and embellished them with some scrapbooking stuff I forgot I had:

Peyton has been all about Arts N’ Crafts for the last few days too:

^^^She’s mad at me there because I spilled my water bottle all over her tags.  Oops….


This afternoon I made some Zucchini Lasagna Towers for lunch and some Mexican Turkey Bake for dinner.  Figured I’d do both while the oven was on.  Not super creative, but I always have the ingredients for both on hand.

Recycled photos:

I’m off to get annihilated at Candy Land.  Have a super day! 🙂


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