Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days.  The kids have been sick and I didn’t think snot makes for good blogging. 

So today I started INSANITY.  I did the fit test on Sunday and I think I did ok.  Here are the results:

Each move is preformed for a minute:
1. Switch Kicks = 125
2. Power Jack = 53
3. Power Knees = 102
4. Power Jumps = 46
5. Globe Jumps = 8
6. Suicide Jumps = 16
7. Push up Jacks = 32
8. Low Plank Oblique = 61
As I suspected, I did not do as well with the jumping exercises.
Today I did the first cardio DVD. 
Oh. My. God.


Now, I think I’m in pretty good shape with decent cardio.  I run, kickbox, weight train and spend quality time on the ‘E’,  5-6 days a week.


This video wiped the floor with me!  I was doing great up until the last set of exercises.  I HATE stopping for a breather, it makes me feel like a quitter.   I just couldn’t keep up the pace. 


I firmly believe that Shaun T is a cyborg.  As well as Tony Horton (the man DOESN”T AGE!).
We’ll see how I feel tomorrow……


 Today’s agenda includes some Vegetable Lasagna
And I’m attempting another yeast bread.  Pray for me.

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