The calm before the storm.


The Cooking Storm that is!

I have 4 different dishes to make tomorrow, so today I stocked up on the necessary items.  On the menu for tomorrow is a slow-cooker Lentil Soup, Zucchini Boat, Penne Pasta dish (for Officer M who doesn’t care for the ‘boat’ as much as the stuffing) and Veggie Corn Cakes and a high protein zucchini ‘brownie’ I got from another site. 

Wait, is that 4 or 5?  🙂

Seeing as tomorrow is my first rest day in waaayyyy too long – and it’s chilly out there – cooking seemed like a nice fall activity!

This morning I met up with Ivy at the reservoir for a power walk.  We were 22 minutes in before I realized that my HRM strap was sitting on top of my sports bra.  Crap!  I guestimated a low calorie burn just in case.

Isn’t it funny how arugula makes even the simplest salad seem fancy:

This was delish.  Salmon, cucumber, baby bellas, butter beans and of course arugula with 1tbsp Olde Cape Cod balsamic vinaigrette.  I couldn’t finish it.  That rarely happens.  I also forgot how much I ❤ butter beans.  They’re mild in flavor and kinda meaty which works great with shrooms.

No cooking for me tonight (kickboxing).  The kids will have some leftover pasta for dinner and I’ll have some eggs n’ oats after my workout.  Check in tomorrow though!

Peace out, boy scout.


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