We have a SITUATION!

This morning I introduced Ivy to Shaun T.  She didn’t like him much at first, but by the time we were finished I think she was cool with him.

We did the first video in the set, I think it’s called plyo cardio or something.  It should be called “Get Ready For Complete Fatigue And Muscle Failure – Oh What? You’re Tired? Whaaa – Suck it up!” 

That was probably too long to fit on the DVD sleeve….

I am seeing a bit of improvement from the first time I did this video a little over a week ago 🙂   I wasn’t too wasted at the end so I pushed out some pull-ups right after (Ivy hung in there with me- HOLLA!). 

We were totally shown up by Elise though:


Not to be outdone, Reese showed off his ‘situation’:

I spent the afternoon doing arts and crafts with Peyton and trying to teach Reese the names of his cars (he totally has ‘corvette’ and ‘mustang’ down!).  I also hit Ocean State Job Lot for party supplies for Peyton’s birthday party this saturday.  I managed to control myself and get only what I needed. 

And a Halloween costume for Reese. 

Race car driver of course!

Because I had the time and was feeling really munch-y, I did a quick 3 miles on the treadmill before dinner…..

….which was whipped up in about 10 minutes:

Spaghetti Squash with an artichoke/tomato tepanade, salmon and a sprinkle of parmesan.  ♥

Awesome and stupid easy.

Anyhow, hubby has the night off so I’m off to spend some bonding time with him.  Until 9.  Then I’ll be bonding with Grey’s Anatomy  😉



2 thoughts on “We have a SITUATION!

  1. LOVE the race car driver costume… it couldn’t be more perfect! The blog had me laughing all over the place… Reese with his abs pose, he’s like “BAM! That’s right!” and Lisie all like “what? you want some more of this?” In her best rocky voice.
    Um, Shaun T is going down next time… no, seriously… ok, maybe the next next time.

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