I’m bored.

I haven’t posted in a while because honestly I haven’t had anything too blog worthy to write about. 

Although there was Peyton’s 4th birthday this past weekend (I will not be posting pics because I like to have permission to show other people’s kids).  The theme  was a mish-mash of fairies, princesses and Barbie and we had it at an indoor carousel.   Her cake was awesome too- big props again to my sister Jen!

I am also convinced my family hates me. ☺  Among the gifts Peyton received there was a bead necklace/bracelet making kit (over 2000 little colored beads!), tons of Play-Doh and Aqua Sand.  I’m going to be cleaning up beads, sand and small bits of colored doh for weeks!

The foliage is starting to explode:

I would enjoy it so much more if I didn’t have to rake it all up!!

And now for the exercise portion of today’s blog.  The last 2 weeks I’ve deviated a bit from the power walks, the timing and weather has not been very permissable.  I’ve been focusing on running, Insanity and kickboxing.  So far this week:

Monday included Insanity Cardio & Resistance + 3.5mile outdoor run with the BFF

Yesterday was a 4.25mile powerwalk with Ivy, BFF and BFF’s sister

Today will be a 2.65m run (a loop from my house) and kickboxing tonite

Tomorrow is all about strength training with some elliptical

Friday will probably be a powerwalk/run with Ivy

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 5k Race 

As for the food portion of the blog, nothing new or exciting, but I do have a roaster chicken in the freezer begging to be cooked.  That’ll be a 2 day affair of brining, roasting, then picking it clean and making stock.  I definately need to plan ahead for that.  I will, however, be making Pumpkin Protein Bars and Oatmeal Quick Bread this afternoon. 

Gotta run (literally)!  Later!


One thought on “I’m bored.

  1. I have my family trained to get special permission from my husband or I before they buy anything for Brett that has small/multiple pieces. LOL Good luck with that!

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