2nd 5k tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m running with Ivy in the 2nd Annual 5K for Farmland.  It’s supposed to be a nice flat route, so I’ll be going for speed on this one.  And when I say speed I mean just keep up with Ivy!  She is definitely a much better runner than I am and having someone like that to run with makes me do better.

I did take a run last Wednesday on my own, a loop from my house about 2.65 miles.  Now, in the car the hills don’t feel that bad.  In the car.  When you’re running up this gradual incline which feels like forever – that’s a whole other story!  There were 2 steep hills I was expecting and 3 long inclines I was not!!  I got it done by sheer will power.  Total time 22:37.  Could be worse. 

Today I will be rescuing the roaster chicken from the freezer and plopping it in a nice salt bath to thaw.  My daddy is gonna watch the kids whole I race tomorrow and in exchange I’m making a roast chicken lunch for him.

Oh!  Everyone please send Officer M good vibes today!   He will be leaving in 10 minutes to take the Sargeant’s exam!!  He’s been studying for this thing since March.  Although we won’t know the results for a few weeks…..

Anyway, it’s kinda dreary outside  and seeing as I’m taking a rest day, I gotta find something to do with the kids.  

Have a super Saturday! 



One thought on “2nd 5k tomorrow.

  1. Tomorrow is going to be fun and looks like it’ll be a great race day. You are going to do great! Hope Officer M’s test came easy for him 🙂

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