Pumpkin Monday!

Happy Monday Folks!

Being a Stay-At -Home-Mom means that Monday’s don’t suck so much anymore!  In fact it’s been quite nice.  Sorry for all those with ‘out of the home jobs’, I’m not trying to rub it in. 

After having the Best.Breakfast.Ever, I met up with Ivy for a power walk and then made a quick pit-stop at my Mom’s.  She’s become my sister’s granny-nanny since she was laid off and the kids wanted to see my nephew.

When we got home I made the kids some leftovers for lunch and fired up the grill.  I feel compelled to have Balsamic Grilled Veggies and Warm Bruschetta on hand at ALL times. 

When Officer M got up he helped us carve our pumpkin:

Wait for it:

Ta Da!


There was a rotted part in the back that we decided to cut off (lest it rot the rest of the pumpkin), so to plug the hole:

But the absolute best part of carving pumpkins is:


Tossed in Olive Oil spray and salt and roasted for 45 min at 325:

Salty goodness 🙂

Ok, off to feed the little ones and then to kickboxing!!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Monday!

  1. The pumpkin is awesome! Did you have a template? It’s so festive! Oh, and thanks for not rubbing in the stay-at-home mom bit…JK!

    • We checked out some faces online and came up with this. Peyton loves it, Reese wan’t too sure about it! Sorry about the whole SAHM thing, I hope it didn’t sting too bad…. 🙂

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