~Fabulous Friday~

TGIF huh folks!

FIRST AND FOREMOST!  Exciting news!!  Lauri Watson (author of Red Head Recipes) has been poking around my blog!  I see her as a celeb-blogger.  She has a fantastic site with unbelievable recipes that just call to me – see ‘Squash Tuesday’ post.  As a novice blogger, I think it’s awesome she took the time to leave a message! 


I am in pain this morning.  The good pain though.  The ‘I really pushed myself’ pain.

Ivy and I went to the Y yesterday and did bi’s, tri’s and back followed by a 2 mile jog on their AWESOME treadmills.  I think today will have to be a rest day…..

Today is also going to be a soup day!  I LOVE soup.  I actually miss it in the summer.  Last night I made a huge pot of cabbage and bean soup with the chicken stock from Sunday’s roast chicken lunch.  Just 8 cups of stock, 1 head of shredded cabbage, lots of onion and garlic, canillini (sp?) beans and curry powder.  It made about 10 cups, so I’ll be eating it all week. 

Tonight I’ll be taking the kids to the Rag Shag parade.  It’s so cute.  The kids get dressed in their Halloween costumes and we line up at the town hall.  The police close off a portion of the main street and we walk – parade style- 1/8 of a mile to the looooong drive leading up to the boys and girls club.  There they have games and music and treats.  It’s safe and really geared for the smaller kids who don’t really ‘get’ Halloween yet.

Time to get my butt in gear.  Starting with Protein Oat Bran and granola!

Have a fab Friday!


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