I love Autumn, but hate ‘the fall’!

Yesterday I attended a funeral for the father of a very good friend of mine.  I’ve known her since Jr. High and practically lived at her house the year after graduation.  Her dad has been sick for quite a few years now, so although it is terribly sad, at least his pain has ended.  

The service was really nice.  He was a Vietnam Veteran, so he was given full military honors.  I was holding up pretty well until they played ‘Taps’.  I think everyone was ok until that point. 

May he rest in peace.


When I got home, I decided that it would be blasphemous to waste a beautiful day inside!  I put on some sweats and took the kids out in the yard.  They played while I raked – for 3 hours!  I managed to get about 90% of the back yard done. 

After that I headed over to the BFF’s to take a power walk.  When I got home the back yard was COVERED in leaves!  Grrrrrr. 

Oh well.  I count raking as exercise, so it’s all good.  I gotta get ready for kickboxing tonite, but check in tomorrow – I got plans for that butternut squash! 

Happy Hump Day!


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