It’s the Halloweekend!!

I love Halloween.  Especially now that my kids are both old enough to trick-or-treat!  Peyton is going to be Tinkerbell, and Reese will be a race-car driver:

So today’s agenda includes more raking 😦 (you wouldn’t even know I spent 3 hours on the back yard on Tuesday), making a large pan of Turkey Bake and hitting the office for open house supplies for this Sunday.  I’m thinking of doing the open house in a costume.  Whaddya think?  Unprofessional?

Tomorrow is my nephew Mason’s birthday party.  His birthday is actually the 31st so his last 2 parties were Halloween themed.  This year though it’s all about fishing!  My older sister Jen is making a fish cake.  She made one for my Dad’s 50th:

Everything about it was edible.  She even colored the cake pink to make it more realistic: 

I think it’s her most requested cake. 

I gotta get started on the yard now, have a great Friday! 

__/\__   <– Witch hat.


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