Things I don’t think I will ever understand.

#1. Tissue boxes in the rear windows of cars……????? What if you sneeze while driving and you have snot hanging off your face? How ya gonna get it off, smarty pants?! Your tissues are in the most inconvenient place EVER!

#2. The trance-like state my children go into when Yo Gabba Gabba is on. Never heard of it? Google it. It’s a train wreck, I don’t get it…

#3. How my hubbs can recall the smallest detail from an incident that happened 6 months ago for a court appearance but can’t remember to close the bureau drawers…

#4. Half the buttons on my camera. Yes I have the manual. No, I’m not going to read it.

#5. Pre-Cooked bacon in a box. What the…?

#6. Easy one. Braille on the drive through ATM. Still (and always) a head scratcher.

#7. Lady Gaga

#8. Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Housewives of Jersey. I miss the Sopranos. Tony woulda off’d all of them and then gone out for a big plate of Osso Bucco.

#9. QVC. Why hasn’t internet shopping killed this channel yet!?!

#10. People who get up at 2am to wait in a line 50 deep in 10 degree weather on black friday to save $7 on a blender. No offense, I just can’t wrap my brain around that kind of madness.

 Got anything to add? ☺


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