Turkey fail.

I love Thanksgiving for the mere fact that turkey is ridonculously cheap.  I picked up a 10lb bird for $5 the other day.  I don’t host Thanksgiving but I got it anyway because I♥ turkey almost as much as Ralphie’s dad –

“Now it is well known throughout the midwest that the old man is a turkey junky, a bonafide golly turkacnis freak.”

It was frozen, so I put it in a cooler with enough brine to cover it and let it sit overnight. 

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled it out of the brine, rinsed it, patted it dry and cooked it up:



Let me tell ya…….


This particular bird came with one of those temperature popper thingys.  I thought about using my meat thermometer on the bird anyway, but I didn’t.  NEVER AGAIN.  Take the temperature yourself!!

Half the bird was pink. 

Lesson learned.

EDIT!  Ok so I forgot to take out the gibblits bag and that throws off the whole cooking process apparently.  Actually I didn’t forget so much as I couldn’t FIND the damn thing and I assumed there wasn’t one.  Never assume.  It makes an ASS out of U and ME.  I actually only found the bag once I had hacked the bird to pieces….. 


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