Sick & Tired.

My house is a sick house.  Officer M and the kids all have head colds.  Reese keeps wiping his nose on me. 

The last couple of nights have been difficult.  Reese is afraid of his bedroom for some reason so Friday night I let Peyton have a sleep-over in his room.  He seemed good with that and they both dozed off quickly.  That lasted until 11 when Peyton came into my room to tell me Reese was yelling for me.  So I let them come to bed with me.  How is it that 2 tiny bodies can take up so much room in a king size bed?!  Anyway, at 4:30 they were both done sleeping.

It took all my energy to get through kickboxing Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night wasn’t much better.  Both kids made it back into my bed again.  And we were up long before the sun, again. 

Yesterday was a looooong day.

I did manage to get in my 5 miles on the treadmill though.  I ran early while I had some energy.  I’m nervous for this Sunday’s Hot Chocolate 5K. 

Between the cold weather and hills, I’m not all that excited for this one.

Which brings us to last night.  Peyton crawled into my bed sometime in night (I really have to break her of that) and Reese was screaming for me at 3am.  So I took him into the living room and we laid on the couch until Officer M got home from work at 4.  He took Reese so I could go back to sleep.  This morning Reese was in Peyton’s bed, Peyton was in my bed and Officer M was on the couch downstairs. 

So between being tired and being stuck indoors I’ve been super snack-y and craving the carbs.  I just about polished off the Pumpking Squash Casserole

I’m getting ready to dust off the P90X Chest and Arms video this morning.  I’ve been slacking a bit this weekend so I’m gonna kick it up a notch today and do a double.  Hopefully kickboxing will be a good workout tonight.

I’m also going to re-arrange Bugga’s room to see if maybe that’ll change his perspective and make it less scary. 

Fingers crossed people!


One thought on “Sick & Tired.

  1. My fingers are doubly crossed for you friend! I hope things get better around your house! You’re such a good mama, those kids are lucky to have you!

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