Super Saturday featuring Santa, Shaun T. and BFF!!

Hey All!

So this morning BFF came over.  We went INSANE!

This was her first time doing the video and I think she likes it!


The Insanity videos are pretty similar to the plyo workouts at Kickboxing, so she kept up with it no prob.  HOLLA!!!

We were ripe wiped at the end.

And just because they’re so darn cute:

Parker Pants

Miss Ella & Miss Mia

After a shower and lunch, Officer M and I took this kids to see Santa.

Peyton dressed up for him ☺

Reese was a bit more timid….


Both rugrats got a bed upgrade!  Big milestone here….  

Reese is now in his toddler bed:

and Peyton has a big girl bed:

Understandably, bedtime is currently taking longer than normal.


In other news, tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate 5K.  I’ve actually been dreading this race.  A huge portion of it is big hills.  Add that to the forecast:

Cold with flurries….ughhh.

So tomorrow’s plan is to finish without walking up any of the hills.  No PR’s.  Wish me luck.  Thanks! 😉


2 thoughts on “Super Saturday featuring Santa, Shaun T. and BFF!!

  1. This post made me smile for several reasons… the first being, all you wanted to do was just make it up the hills and you pr-ed!
    Second, I hadn’t seen this post until just now, and had to laugh at the fact that Peyton dressed up for Santa, because Giada did, too! too funny. Love the beds!

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