I was absolutely DREADING the 5K this morning.  I mean, really, really, REALLY dreading it.

Turns out it was pretty damn fun!

Ivy and I parked at her Aunt’s house about a mile from the race and we wogged down as a warmup.  We were probably 45 minutes early at that point.  It was flippin cold too!  

As soon as the walkers took off, we found our slot (they line you up by the times you expect to finish) and waited another 20 minutes. 

The first leg of the race was a steep hill.  Great.  My legs were burning 2 minutes in.  It leveled off a bit after a few minutes and within a half mile, I caught my stride.  Ivy caught her stride about 1/4 mile ahead of me ;).

The last mile of the race was 2 steep hills, one right after the other.  BURN!  I held on and actually passed dome people!

The last 1/4 mile was all downhill, so I kicked it up a notch.

Finish time?

                                          Hot Chocolate 5K
                     December 5, 2010 Northampton, MA
ChronoTrack Timing By: Yankee Timing send corrections to dave@coolrunning.com
Yankee Timing, web: TimedByYankee.com, phone: 978-430-5669, email: dave@coolrunning.com

Place   Name    Age  S   No.     Net Time   Pace                          
===== =================== == = ===== 
  806 Tonya Bren 31 F  2759  26:03.78  8:25                                   

26:03!!!!  Personal Best!!!  –  I finished 806 out of 2731 runners!

And I didn’t even want to go…….


P.S.  Ivy kicked ass finishing 649th with a 25:12 time!  Rock on sistah!


3 thoughts on “WooHoo!

  1. I had a fab time with you today! I’m so proud of your new PR! Methinks you are a cold-weather runner after all 😉 We’re definitely running that next year!

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