I know, it’s only a dusting – BUT WE”RE GETTING THERE!

I cannot wait for our first big snow.  Don’t groan at me!  Being a stay-at-home Mom makes snow fun again!

A frosty day like today calls for COFF-TEA!  

BFF’s sister came up with the idea of putting a tea bag into her black coffee to make it more palatable (she does figure competitions and has to restrict things like milk and sugars).

Now, if you’ve read my bio you know I hate hot tea.  Passionately.

BFF insisted I try it at her house one day.  She made me a cup of coffee with some gingerbread flavored tea and IT. WAS. AWESOME.  [all caps and underlined for em-PHAS-sis]

Needless to say, I picked up some tea during my last grocery store trip.




Oh, today’s random mug shot.   (haha, get it? MUG SHOT?  Police mug?  I’d kill at stand up!)


On to the exercise portion of today’s blog.

Speaking of exercise – I know how to spell the word, so why is it some days it looks completely wrong?!?  Thank god for spell check.

Sorry, back on topic.

I wanted to go for a run with Ivy today, but she can’t go till much later.  I have an appointment to give blood at noon (I know, I’m a good girl) and I don’t think it would be smart to run when I’m a quart low.  Insanity and lifting are both out, my right wrist is aching.  That leaves the treadmill and the E.  Both sound boring to me today, but they will have to do.

Happy Weekend Folks!


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