I wanna go back to bed.

I’m sick. 😦

Damn it.

Officer M and the kids all had it and got over it.  I thought we made it through….

I think my good deed of blood donation yesterday may have bit me in the ass.  I was feeling iffy about an hour after donating but brushed it off as a side effect of being a quart low.  I had a Christmas party to go to and decided it was all in my head.  The party was a blast and even though I know you aren’t supposed to drink alcohol, I did imbibe (not a lot).  By the time I got home at 11:30 I had body aches and was shivering. 


And on top of that, Reese woke up from the garage door opener so I had to soothe him back to sleep before I could hit the hay.

Both kids ended up in my bed during the night but I was too tired and achy to care.

This morning’s weather mirrors the way I feel.


I’ve had 5 cups of coff-tea so far today (made with only 1/2 spoonful of coffee), and Protein Packed Oat Bran to get in some protein.  When I’m sick all I want is carbs.

The kids are still in jammies at 2pm.  I took a 20 minute HOT shower and put jammies on.  I also won a Snuggie at the Christmas party last night and it came with these kick ass socks:

At least Officer M has the night off so he can help me with the kids.

I’m so rarely sick that I’m actually annoyed!  Hopefully I’m better by tomorrow….


One thought on “I wanna go back to bed.

  1. 5 cups of coff-tea would put me over the edge…i would drink that much, but i feel guilty! But, you are sick, and there are no reals when you’re sick!

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