We got a winner! (Edited)

SoI think I’ve found THE color for the living room accent walls.

Guess which one?

And the winner is …….#4! 

Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray  Alexandria Beige.  Beautiful.  Totally fits in with the rest of the decor.  Ashley Gray is #5 and although I love it more than #4, it was too cool for the living room.  I will find a place for it in this house though, I promise you this!

Seeing as we are getting some snow this weekend, my plan is to get some painting done and focus on finishing some of the small projects I’ve started.  I’d also like to get in some new recipes for you soon (I’ve been slacking on the cooking because of all these little carfty thingys I got goin). 

I also plan on running tomorrow.  I haven’t ran since the first week of December!  Ivy and I did the 5k, then I ran a few more times that week, then our treadmill broke, then everyone got sick, then Christmas / New Years happened, then i started the new workout program **breathe in**.  

Of course, this will all depend if I can move tomorrow morning.  I went to Strength and Conditioning class at the MMA school this morning and I may have overdone it a teeeensy bit. 

I also ended up with this lovely bruise on my knuckle: 

Huh.  First time in 11 years of kickboxing I’ve bruised a knuckle.  Weird.

I’m off to pop some ibuprofen and chillax, peace out boy scout!


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