I can’t STOP!

It all started with this:

This homely, piece of crap coat rack.  We’ve hated this thing FOR-EV-ER.  So I got the idea to purty it up:

For a little leftover paint and $4 in knobs – not too shabby.  Or maybe Shabby Chic?

Then I got the painting bug.  And I needed to do the living room:



A little paint and some new accessories (that I already had) and voila!  Not so vanilla anymore!

Here’s a few more:

And that metal scroll-y chandelier-y looking thingy that was over the fireplace?  That got a fresh new look and a nice new home:

It’s now hanging over Miss P’s bed.  Just gives her even more reason to believe she really is a princess….

I didn’t forget about Bugga.  I made him a growth chart outta some leftover MDF from my secret project (more on that very soon):

I have some cars ready to be glued onto this, but I have a feeling Bugga would try to pry them off.  He likes to put this on the floor and use it as a race track.

There are some other things going on too, but I need to make some progress before I post them.  I will however show you the FAN-FREAKIN-TASTC headboard my Dad and I found at the flea market for $5!!!!!

I L♥ve, L♥ve, L♥VE this thing!   

I really wanted to make an upholstered headboard for the bedroom, then I saw this beauty!  How could I pass it up for $5????   So I dragged Ivy to the fabric store with me yesterday afternoon and now I have a PLAN – mwahahaha!!!!! 


I have been keeping up with my workouts in case you were wondering.  Not doing 2-a-days frees up some time.  The only thing that sucks about doing P90X as my primary workout is that my cardio is taking a nosedive. 

I know, I know.  I’ve read all the articles about how cardio is bottom of the pyramid for weight maintenance/loss, but kickboxing and the E got hard!  I haven’t set foot on the treadmill at all this year either…..

Speaking of kickboxing.

Either I’m hardcore – or I bruise like a week old pear:

I’m gonna go with the latter…

So today’s agenda is a double-P90x this am and Kickboxing tonight.  I skipped Chest & Back yesterday to go to the fabric store.  Gotta say, the fabric store was WAYYY more fun!

Right now I’m fueling up with this:

3 egg whites, La Tortilla Factory wrap, 1 oz deli turkey and Chipotle Laughing Cow Wedge.  TONS of protein.

I gotta get my workout done early cuz my Momma’s coming over.  She asked me to help her with some weight training (that and she wants to use my E and treadmill).

Ta-ta for now homies!!


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know Officer M studied for the Sergeant’s exam for like 6 months and finally took the damn thing in October.  Well, the results came in on Saturday.

Officer M was the ONE AND ONLY person to pass the test!!!!!


So proud of my hot policeman- you rock honey!!!!


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